A brand is a customer experience and represents years of careful marketing and investment. A successful brand is an asset that customers place their trust in and are willing to pay a premium for. However, successful brands attract counterfeiting. . .diversion, and warranty fraud.

While there have been 'brand protection' technologies around for years making the business case to implement them was hard. They often required special equipment or knowledge to verify, and did little to prevent diversion or fraud. Now protecting your customers, your brand equity, and your revenue just got a whole lot easier. The YottaMark Authentication Platform is the most secure, versatile, and simple to deploy item-level brand security solution available. Best of all, it makes smart financial sense.

Innovation Meets Function: Finally a Pragmatic Solution to Brand Security

The YottaMarkTM Authentication Platform not only sets the standard for unit-level brand security, but is intended for use by you, your inspection team, and the ultimate brand inspector: the consumer. By empowering consumers to authenticate your products with the YottaMark solution, you gain a unique conduit to reach your market, reinforcing your brand promise and enabling you to glean insight into buying behavior at the same time. With the YottaMark solution, you're able to instantly determine whether an individual product has been diverted out of its intended market, and find out whom it was originally shipped to. You will also be able to detect warranty fraud, relabeling, remarking, and other common types of attack on your brand.

The YottaMark Authentication Platform is the most effective way to detect and deter diversion, counterfeiting and fraud that plague brand owners across industries.

  • Counterfeiting
    With YottaMark’s 'product fingerprints,' brand owners, distributors, retailers and customs officials can instantly differentiate between real and fake products, helping manufacturers protect their brand integrity.
  • Diversion
    The security platform quickly detects diverted goods sold on the grey market, preventing margin and brand erosion.
  • Fraud
    YottaMark security codes identify the overproduction of goods ('third shift'), helping eliminate warranty, return and licensee fraud and detect redating and relabeling.


  • Counterfeit goods cost US manufacturers $200 billion a year.
  • 10% of the global pharmaceutical market is estimated to be counterfeit, costing manufactures $40 billion annually.
  • Diversion of IT products cost manufacturers $5 billion annually in lost profits.

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