YottaMark is a global leader in traceability and product authentication solutions. Our HarvestMark food traceability solution is deployed with hundreds of shippers, across thousands of farms, on billions of product packages. Our innovative solutions are supported by a growing portfolio of issued and pending US and international patents, including inventions in the areas of generating unique traceability codes, authenticating products over the web, and with mobile devices, capturing harvest and production data at the origin of a supply chain, and easily relating product items and cases to one another.

Currently YottaMark holds five issued US patents. Additional patent applications are pending in the US and in other countries around the world. Watch this space for new developments as our scientists and engineers continue to innovate in this globally important field, enabling new traceability and authentication solutions.

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Following is a listing of the YottaMark family of issued patents as of April 12, 2012:

Patent Number Issue Date Country of Issue Title Inventions Summary
7,614,546 11-10-09 US Method and System for Deterring Product Counter-feiting, Diversion, and Piracy Includes inventions related to marking products with security codes and verifying that those codes, and the marked products, are authentic when traced.
7,766,240 08-03-10 US Case Level Traceability Without the Need for Inline Printing Includes inventions related to associating item level packages (such as clamshells) to cases, and for capturing traceability information related to both cases and items, including harvest event data and brand information.
7,770,783 08-10-10 US Method and System to Provide Security Information When Authenti-cating Product Code Includes inventions related to associating product information and production data with traceability codes on individual products and, in connection with a request to authenticate a traceability code, including the product information and production data as part of the trace response.
7,823,768 11-02-10 US System and Method of Code Generation and Authentication Includes inventions related to generating codes which utilize encryption techniques so that the sequence of codes cannot easily be deduced, but the codes can be authenticated when received by a traceability server.
7,909,239 03-22-11 US Attributing Harvest Information with Unique Identifiers Includes inventions related to the use of ranges of preprinted labels to simplify the association of harvest information to item level packaging.
7,992,772 B2 08-09-11 US Method and System for Deterring Product Counterfeiting, Diversion and Piracy on a Single System Includes a method and system for authenticating goods. The patent describes a system and method to generate security codes at a host site and print them on products or packaging, without retaining the security codes after the printing device has printed them. After the security codes have been printed, a person can communicate the security code to the host, which can verify its authenticity.
8,152,063 04-10-12 US Case Labeling for Field Packed Produce Includes inventions related to pre-printing rolls of PTI-compliant labels, each with a different lot code per roll (or set of rolls) and assigning harvest data after the printing event.
8,155,313 04-10-12 US Systems and Methods for Employing Duo Codes for Product Authentication Includes inventions related to digital seals and covers a system and method for creating a pair of cryptographically linked codes: one for the inner package one for the outer.
8,240,564 08-14-12 US Mobile table for implementing clamshell-to-case association Systems and methods are provided for associating traceability codes on clamshells with unique identifiers on containers in which the empty clamshells are packed for later use.



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  • Real-time intelligence with threat reports
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