Why Is It Secure

YottaMark provides simple – yet extremely secure – unit-level product authentication that is easy to integrate into a manufacturing system.

YottaMark is the only solution to comply with ANSI and FIPS encryption standards, and employs a secure multiserver infrastructure. YottaMark is a member of the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO).

Strong Encryption

The YottaMark encryption algorithm is the same one that is used to protect intrabank wire transfers and has not been broken in over 20 years of use.

Duplicate code detection

The YottaMark Authentication Platform keeps track of verified codes, including when and where codes are authenticated. Customized business rules evaluate authentications to detect suspicious patterns and duplicate codes.

Codes Generated On Demand

Manufacturers generate security codes on demand to mark each unit. These codes feature strong encryption and are nonsequential, nonrepeating, and cannot be predicted. The YottaMark Authentication Platform does not include databases, disks, or preprinted labels with valid codes that can be stolen or lost.


With increased globalization of production, and the use of the Internet to sell goods, counterfeiting has become a major problem that erodes the value of brands, costs manufactures billions of dollars and puts consumers at risk.

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