YottaMark provides instant product authentication anywhere, anytime by anyone. Manufacturers, brand protection personnel, law enforcement officials – even consumers – can instantly verify the authenticity of products with YottaMark security codes with a camera phone, SMS, a handheld scanner or access to the Internet. YottaMark delivers yes/no results combined with Instant Alerts and Threat Maps.

Unique ID

Every single unit gets a unique, nonsequential code.


YottaMark codes are authenticated algorithmically every time – not stored in a database. This creates a reliable, scalable authentication platform.


No databases, disks, or preprinted labels with valid codes to be stolen or lost. YottaMark is the only solution to comply with ANSI and FIPS encryption standards, and employs a secure multiserver infrastructure. YottaMark is a member of the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO).

Easy for

Codes are created on-demand by the marking equipment in the manufacturer’s plants. This method is secure, quick, and allows time- and location-specific data to be associated with the codes.

High Feedback

The system provides the brand owner with real-time intelligence (Silent AlarmsTM) when suspicious activities are detected and creates data-rich reports of authentications.


Lower cost to implement than many alternatives (such as holograms or OVIs), and can significantly reduce the cost and increase effectiveness of enforcement by engaging users to authenticate products.


Secure unit-level coding provides the necessary platform for a track and trace or e-pedigree solution, and can be a bridge to RFID implementation.


Consumer-driven verification (CDV) gives the buyer confidence in purchased products and builds trust in the brand.

Duplicate Code Detection

The YottaMark Authentication Platform keeps track of verified codes, including when and where the codes are authenticated. Customized business rules evaluate authentications to detect suspicious patterns and forged codes.


Leaders in industries such as electronic, health and beauty and pharmaceuticals are forced to wage costly legal battles to prevent counterfeit goods from reaching consumers, where they can cause personal injury.

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