How It Works

The YottaMark Authentication Platform is an integrated system for validating products throughout the supply chain. YottaMark’s solution is based on security codes marked on products or packaging for unit level authentication. Products with YottaMark security codes can be verified with a camera phone, handheld scanner, SMS and the Internet. YottaMark’s real time intelligence and powerful analytical tools give immediate insight into threats to the supply chain.

Unit-level security codes generated on demand
and printed on packaging or labels:

The YottaMark security codes are generated on demand at the time of manufacturing or packaging. These codes, encrypted using the strongest methodology available, are not sequential, predictable or repeating and are not stored in a database.

Easy product verification at any point in the supply chain, through the Internet, SMS, a handheld scanner, or a camera phone:

Products marked with YottaMark security codes can be authenticated by manufacturers, brand protection personnel, law enforcement officials and even consumers. Unit level authentication is available anywhere, anytime to anyone with a camera phone, a handheld scanner, SMS, or access to the Internet. In addition to receiving an unambiguous yes/no answer, YottaMark can also provide customized product and supply chain information.

Real time intelligence monitors activity
and threats:

YottaMark provides real time, powerful reporting that gives immediate insight into threats to the supply chain. Customized business rules evaluate authentications to detect suspicious patterns and identify fraudulent behavior as it occurs and before it becomes a problem. The reports can be customized with a product security dashboard, including Threat Maps and Instant Alerts.


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