Proven, Verifiably-Secure Technology

The YottaMark solution employs the encryption algorithms used by banks worldwide to protect intrabank wire transfers in more than 20 years of use, it has never been broken. YottaMark Codes generated on demand for each unit feature strong encryption and are nonsequential, nonrepeating, and cannot be predicted. And unlike other systems, there are no databases, disks, or preprinted labels with valid codes that can be stolen or lost.

A Unique Opportunity for Customer Insight and Added Value

The YottaMark system helps you seamlessly combine marketing efforts with brand security measures. Promotions encourage consumers to verify your products, enabling you to catch counterfeiting and diversion while building new levels of channel intelligence. Through customer feedback and analysis of unit-level data, you gain a deeper insight into customer buying behaviors and experiences. In the event of a product recall impacting your brand, the YottaMark solution enables rapid response to press and consumer concerns through posting of your customized recall, safety, and product information notices.

Easy to Use and Deploy

Deploying the YottaMark solution requires no customized software integration or complex implementation. YottaMark Codes are applied using standard label and package printing, or direct part marking, for easy integration into your packaging process there are no proprietary materials or readers required for you or your channel. You can even use your preferred data carrying method. The YottaMark system is fully automated

Anytime, Anywhere Unit-Level Authentication

Products with YottaMark Codes can be easily verified on the Web, in stores, and on mobile phones, making it the most widely available system for all your customers and distributors around the world. Only the YottaMark Authentication Platform uses both machine- and human-readable codes to support in-store and supply chain applications, while still enabling easy at-home verification so you reach all the participants in your value chain.





Diversion, counterfeiting and fraud plague all industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and electronics. $100 billion worth of technology products worldwide are counterfeit; 10% of the global pharmaceutical market is estimated to be counterfeit.

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